Bravery. Passion. Empathy. Relatability. Childlike wonder. 

Hi! I'm Heather - an artist, illustrator, social justice advocate and lover of all things whimsical, and I'm so glad you're here! 

I grew up with a love for drawing. My imagination was always going wild with colors and stories and ideas for pictures. I was the child who really thought she could spot a leprechaun on the walk home from school if she only looked closely enough at the grass!


I was also a child who learned at a very young age that racism and xenophobia exists. My father is an Egyptian immigrant and my mother is white. Growing up in a very small, very white town taught me some things about how cruel people can be and helped me to empathize with those who experience racism and injustice. As an artist, I seek to express that empathy through what I create. 


Through my art, I focus on social justice, mental health, and culture, as well as whimsical designs. My art has been described as bold and colorful, convicting, inspiring, and even heartwarming. I value racial justice and representation through my social justice art, as well as mental health advocacy. Through my whimsical art, I enjoy making things that are beautiful and inspire a feeling of childlike wonder.


I am growing as an artist all the time, and I wish to drive positive social change, help others speak their truth, and hope my art can help to move people's hearts. 

I live in Western NY, with my husband, kids, and two dogs. I LOVE nature, lots of color, styling my home, making things, new adventures, making people laugh and my imagination is still going wild with colors and stories and ideas and hopes for a better world. Welcome to my world!